From our customers’ point of view, we see the following potential for improvement in many recycling processes for lithium-ion batteries:

  • Recycling efficiency
  • Safety and cleanliness
  • Plant reliability (especially during process start)

Vacuum crushing increases throughput by significantly reducing drying time No Canary is the only large-scale implementation of vacuum shredding world-wide.

The special recycling efficiency and Black Mass purity of our process is achieved by particularly intensive stressing in No Canary’s patent-pending intensive drying process, which is combined with an air jet fine sieving. The very high black mass purity is made possible by the combination with air jet fine screening.

As a result, recycling efficiencies of > 95 % based on a lithium-ion battery cell and > 99 % based on Black Mass can be achieved. Black Mass can be recovered with very low impurities of < 1,5 % copper and < 1,5 % aluminum and with a remaining moisture content of only 0.48 %

Exemplary recycling efficiencies at battery cell level by recycling metals (incl. lithium), graphite and electrolyte:

> 95 %

Recycling Efficiency

99,5 %

aluminum impurities in Black Mass

< 1,5 %

copper impurities in Black Mass

< 1,5 %