Recycling Lines

No Canary offers highly efficient and particularly safe, plug-and-play recycling systems for lithium-ion batteries.

Our Battery-to-Black Mass technology does not require thermal pretreatment of the batteries, making it particularly energy efficient. Due to the high recycling rates of lithium, cobalt, manganese, copper, graphite, aluminum and the electrolyte components, the recycling technology is also particularly material efficient.

The high-level safety of the plant is achieved by vacuum crushing, vacuum drying and closed pneumatic conveying circuits. Hence, the machine is particularly explosion-proof and completely gas- and dust-tight.

To enable our customers to start quickly with environmentally friendly, safe and efficient battery recycling, we support the planning and approval phase and initially build the systems on our site. The plant is then commissioned at our site and delivered in modular form: Plug-and-play for the customer.

"We reduce the time to the start of production (SOP) to a minimum."

The No Canary Process