Our goal is to provide our customers with the safest recycling process for lithium-ion batteries.

Organic solvents, which are part of the battery electrolyte, can form flammable and explosive mixtures when evaporating in enclosed spaces. As lithium-ion batteries store energy and thus can provide ignition energy, lithium-ion batteries have to be recycled carefully

No Canary solves this problem in the safest way possible:

Vacuum crushing at values as low as 5 mbar absolute pressure undercuts the required explosion protection level by a factor of twenty. In addition, the evacuation of the pre-module significantly reduces the reaction partners oxygen and volatile organics in the system. At 5 mbar, there are only 0.5 % or 1/200 of the molecules in the gas volume compared to the same volume at ambient pressure.

Another challenge of lithium-ion battery recycling is the carcinogenic nickel and cobalt oxides in Black Mass.

No Canary most consistently prevents dust release into the working environment and environment on behalf of our safety and environmentally aware customers.

The pre-module is designed to be vacuum tight and gas tight, so no metal oxides or gaseous organics can be released into the work environment or environment.

The product module operates with closed air circuits for pneumatic conveying. This also prevents metal oxides from entering the (work) environment.