We see great value in supplying equipment for recycling lithium-ion batteries and battery production scrap very quickly and immediately at full technical capacity. In addition, we want to provide the customer with a fast start-up of the machines and a steep ramp-up during production start-up.

Our promise: We reduce the time to start of production (SOP) to a minimum.

The core element of this strategy is that we completely assemble and commission the recycling line at our site in Salzgitter. The customer can perform the factory acceptance of the line in Salzgitter, and the customer’s employees can be trained in Salzgitter even before the plant is delivered. Only when the plant has been run in to the customer’s satisfaction it is delivered. The recycling line is ready for operation in 14 days after arrival at the customer’s site.

The division of the No Canary process into pre-module and product module also allows the process to be set up decentralized.

Before and during the manufacturing of the recyclingline in Salzgitter, we are ready to assist with site planning, permitting and work scheduling to support a fast ramp-up of the site to the planned capacity.

Even before delivery, test batches can be processed and customers or internal recycling can be sampled with the samples from the Battery-to-Black Mass plant test runs.